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CAN data missing

  • 2 July 2024

After replacement of a TU501 unit with a TU600, no CAN data is being received.

TU Searial number: xxxxxx

Can you identify what can be the reason for this. Hardware and settings seem all to be ok.

Thanks in advance

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Hello @Peter Zwetsloot 

I’m currently investigating this issue, I will get back to you as quick as possible.

Thanks for your patience.


Loris 😀

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@Peter Zwetsloot

After investigation I confirm that the unit received the CAN profile on the 19/06/2024.

Since the unit as never detected any activity on Input 2 (brown wire / ignition) neither Input 1 (white wire / engine hours).
To be able to send CAN data the unit must detect activity on Input 2.

I can advise you to check physically the wiring.

Do not hesitate to get back to us if needed.


Loris 😀


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