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Benefits of creating and managing sub-accounts in Trackunit Manager

  • 20 June 2024

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Creating and managing sub-accounts in Trackunit Manager can enhance your organization's efficiency and security. 


Here are the main benefits:


Improved Organizational Structure:


Hierarchical Management: Easily create a hierarchical structure by organizing your assets and users into sub-accounts, reflecting your company's operational structure.

Clearer Oversight: Maintain clear oversight of various departments or business units, ensuring efficient management and accountability.


Enhanced Security and Control:


Granular Permissions: Assign specific permissions to each sub-account, allowing for precise control over what each user can access and manage.

Data Segregation: Keep data and operations separate across different sub-accounts, enhancing data security and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.


Streamlined Administration:


Simplified User Management: Manage users more efficiently by assigning them to relevant sub-accounts, simplifying user role assignments and permissions management.

Delegated Management: Delegate administrative tasks to sub-account managers, reducing the workload on central administrators and promoting operational autonomy.


Tailored User Experience:


Customizable Views: Customize the dashboard and views for each sub-account to display the most relevant information, improving user experience and operational focus.

Focused Reporting: Generate reports specific to each sub-account, allowing for detailed performance analysis and better decision-making.


Scalable Solution:


Flexible Expansion: Easily scale your operations by adding new sub-accounts as your business grows, ensuring that your Trackunit Manager setup evolves with your needs.

Efficient Resource Allocation: Allocate resources more effectively across different sub-accounts, optimizing asset utilization and operational efficiency.


For more detailed information, you can read our Help Center article


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